corporate hairballs

never explain, never complain
What ever happened to really juicy peaches? They seem all but gone from the scene. Mostly all you can buy are the high-tech peaches painstakingly developed through the wonders of modern horticultural manipulation. ...

The juicy peaches of yesterday had a delicacy about them and needed to be handled with care. There is no room for such pampering in today's bruising race from orchard to supermarket. So today's peaches must be tough. And tough they are. But - surprise! - when the toughness was bred into them, the tenderness was bred out, along with the juice and flovour. ...

The durability of high-tech has brought to peaches the flavour of pasteboard. You bite into one and think: "This is not a peach. This is some sort of ingenious synthetic substance cleverly pressed into the shape of a peach." What a loss, indeed! (c)

And this is not only about today's fruits, lost of juiciness is echoed in the world of business. There, a monomania for tough-minded, cold-blooded competitive correctness has bred the spiritual sensuousness out of most of our human enterprises. That leaves us with the reality of synthetic personas and pasteboard passions , an epidemic of barren carreers and a wasteland of workplaces devoid of flavour. And of course, it is worth mentioning - the corporate parties where those synthetic personas are having a mandatory fun.

2009-05-28 в 19:11 

Foul thing
¡ʎuunɟ ʇou sı sıɥʇ
Ух. Чего это ты? )

2009-05-28 в 23:39 

never explain, never complain
Ну так и есть ведь, что с персиками, что с людями...


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