never explain, never complain
sat spent at home, in the eve went to Ann, a friend, we cooked dinner for us 2 - trouts in lemon souce, wild rice and salad. mulled wine and then watched mono-performance on dvd. was great, fun and cozy
and sunday - extreeme as never. i should probably start with friday call of my Kiev Boy! he told he was to come to the city close to me (130 km) for his djudo contest. i was happy and ready to catch the chance to see him. sunday morning all was great - my mood and my heart and my mind, but not the weather - it was raining and snowing like hell at the same time. cold wind with huuuuuuuge flakes of snow (never seen anything like that!!) made me feel like a research expeditor going to conquer NorthPole. i should tell you i was like an icicle by the time i got to the station. i was all wet my boots full of water - awful!!!! bliak!
and when I am cold I can think of nothing except that I am cold.the only thing that stopped me from returning back home was the idea that only 2 hours of driving parted us. 2 hours is nothing:))))

so, in a word - despite that terrible cold and my wet boots, despite that the city I went to was a small durty industrial province with TERRIBLE hotels and uneatable cousine in restaurants, despite absolutely inconceivable bed on which i could not sleep all night and now have my ribs and back and neck aching, despite all these i find my trip one of the best trips ever done in my life. coz i felt like giving a liiiiitle sacrifice in the name of something that lightens me and makes me shed the light all around... my aching neck is nothing compared to what i felt this night staying as close to him as possible....
it was all worth staying few hours with the person who I …. YET dunno….
i intended to go home in the eve, i got a ticket. but he did not let me go:))))))

next morning woke up at 5, apsolutely unrested coz of the bad bed, i came to work 1 hour later, felt like somnambula but was smiling all day and felt happy))))