to be or not to be

never explain, never complain
eeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i don't know...

resons for YES
1. he is nice and kind
2. he likes me (i can see it)
3. he drives me to work and then home in the eve (very convenient)
4. we are not kids and I simply want sex (hihihihih yesterday at the board meeting i hm-hm... phantasised about 3 guys who were there)/ and suddenly realized that i did not havesex for almost 3 months.
i must tell - it is for the 1st time when absence of sex makesme crazy so much/
am i getting older???????? //......................

reasons for NO
1. he is short. and i don't like short men.... why???

2006-11-03 в 12:14 

u made me laugh so much withe the reason for NO !!!!!!!!!
i don't know women who like short men.. ;)
and also ur reason 3 for YES!! hihihihi, i didn't expect from u to be so "calculating" ;))))))
i'm kiddin!
as for the sex part, if you want just plain old sex, go for a guy u really like !! to whom u are attracted in a physical way! cause this guy, if he likes u n u do it just for "fun" then he'll suffer.. unless u make it very clear from the start ;)
well, it's friday! go to a club tonight with few friends n get urself a treat ;:)
did i write that??
that's it! when i start readin about sex before 10 in the mornin.. now i'll be on it all day! happy??!! hehehehe
n bad thing is , i have to wait for another month.. but i'd gladly do so :) with Mira.. hmmmmmm... WOW! i've never ever experienced what i have with her! it is.. unbelievable! i didn't even know such pleasure could exist! .. and.. i mean, i've been with a girl for more than 5y, n these things get better with time. but with Mira... gets me out of my mind!
sorry! should not talk about that after u just told me for the 3 months! go for it girl! :) just act with care n get a nice guy !! ;)

2006-11-03 в 12:43 

never explain, never complain
sorrry for having started talking about that before 10:))
next time i will do it later!
thanks, u made me laugh too and more comfortable with the fact that all women don't like shorts:)
now i feel relieved. i even started thinking that i am tooooooo much faultfinding
as for suffer i am not sure he will. yes, he likes me, says - since school. but "to like" means nothing yet.

2006-11-03 в 12:44 

hihihihi. thinkin of sex, has never been consider by me as somethin bad, so.. no apologies needed ;)))
well, as far as this guy goes.. u choose whether with him (the easy n sure way) or to go for the wild ;)


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